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Certify your food products to Integrated Plant Production requirements with SGS.

FSMA food safety

Integrated Plant Production – Integrowana Produkcja Roślin (IPR) – is a voluntary food quality assessment system based on balanced technical and biological progress in cultivation, plant protection and fertilization, with respect for human health and environmental protection.

The legal basis of this system is the Act of March 8, 2013, for plant protection products. In Poland, supervision for the certification is carried out by the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service. The goal of Integrated Plant Production is the production of food of plant origin that does not exceed permissible levels of residues from plant protection products, heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites. Certification confirms high quality yields.

In order to confirm the degree of compliance with the requirements of the IP system, we offer an Integrated Plant Production Certification system for fruits and vegetables.

Why choose IPR certification from SGS?

IPR certification helps you to:

  • Obtain safe, economically viable crops while maintaining the protection of the natural environment
  • Comply with Integrated Plant Production system requirements and the mandatory principles of integrated pest management
  • Confirm sustainable use of pesticides, in particular through the use of non-chemical methods of plant protection
  • Demonstrate care for consumer health and environmental protection

We offer separate assessment methods for fruits, vegetables and agricultural crops.

Trusted IPR certification from a world-leading certification provider

As a world leader in certification, testing, verification and inspection services, we offer you in-depth expertise in Integrated Plant Production requirements, along with unrivaled certification experience.

To comply with the IP system, producers must conduct agricultural production in accordance with the methodologies approved by the Chief Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Inspection. These methodologies are developed for selected fruit, vegetables and agricultural crops and published on the GIORIN website.

All records of activities for each species are conducted by the client in the Integrated Plant Production Notebook, whose form has been regulated by the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

To discuss your Integrated Plant Production certification requirements, contact us today.