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Recycler audit – packaging waste from SGS – comply with the requirements of the Act on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

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On January 1, 2016, Chapter IX of the Act on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 888) came into force. To eliminate fraud and verify the credibility of data, Chapter IX requires businesses that recycle packaging waste to undergo annual external audits.

This requirement applies to:

  • Businesses that recover or recycle packaging waste, issue DPO or DPR documents and have a permit to recover more than 400 tonnes per year
  • Businesses that, in the given year, exported or created intra-Community supplies of packaging waste exceeding 400 tonnes, as documented by EDPR or EDPO

Recycler Audit Scope

Audits are intended to verify the conformity of data in documents with facts, including:

  • Conformity of the recycling and recovery process with permits held by the company
  • Technical capacity, including the capacity of the recovery and recycling facility owned by the operator to process packaging waste at a volume corresponding to the data contained in the DPO and DPR documents issued in a given year
  • Conformity of the weight of the packaging waste collected with the weight of waste processed or exported from the territory of the country

Companies that will be audited should provide:

  • DPO, DPR, EDPO or EDPR documents
  • Waste transfer cards
  • Waste documentation
  • Financial documents

The recycler audit must be completed by April 30 of the year following the calendar year audited. The audit report and documentation must be kept for five years after the end of the calendar year audited.

Why choose recycler audit – packaging waste from SGS?

As an accredited environmental verifier under EMAS (PL-V-0018), we are authorized to conduct external audits of recyclers. An experienced SGS auditor will create an audit report for you, based on the relevant documents and evidence, a certified copy of which will be sent to the Voivodship Environmental Protection Inspector for your place of business activity and to the Marshal of the Voivodship. 

To learn more about recycler audit – packaging waste, contact us today.