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Environmental Services continues laboratory automation in pursuit of resulting from the carried out in previous years, the optimization of the analytical process throughout Lean Methodology.

Purchased will be high-end flow analyzers (CFA) for analysis of total phosphorus and nitrogen emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma and optical detection (ICP- OES) for the determination of metals in water and wastewater in order to shorten time of analysis and manage higher volumes of samples.

As a stack emission measurements business has started to develop increasingly, mainly projects for power plants and calibrations of AMS ENVI team will extend its capabilities be purchasing portable kit for sampling dust and gases based on gravimetric dust meter.

As an AGRI-ENVI crossed business initiative – Institute of Pesticides - in May of this year, there will be completed installation of two additional chromatographs GC and LC coupled with tandem mass spectroscopy MS/MS. It is dedicated for the determination of pesticides in agricultural products . As a result, analytical capabilities developed for past two years, will be doubled in terms of the amount of samples marked daily.

In addition, new equipment will enable the detection and determination of new classes of compounds, and the lower levels of detection.

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