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The audit conducted in August 2014 in Centrum Elektronicznych Usług Płatniczych
eService Sp. z o.o. demonstrated the compliance of the management system introduced by the company with EN 15838, which constitutes the fulfilment of the highest standards of professional customer care.

The EN 15838 standard was developed by ECCCO (European Confederation of Contact Centre Organisations) for the European Commission in 2009. Its primary objective is to set a standard for quality management systems in contact point organisations that are focused on the comprehensive meeting of customer requirements, as well as identify the best practices in key areas of management.

After the certification audit, performed by the international certification body SGS, eService received the EN 15838 certificate, which is valid for 3 years. In order to confirm the effectiveness of the management system, annual oversight audits will be carried out in subsequent years.

According to the eService Customer Service Director Elżbieta Tomaszewska, this certificate is a reflection of not only the large contribution of the team in professional customer relations but also the core values ​​cherished by the company. She adds that a significant factor in the awarding of the certificate was the many years of experience in working with customers, which have developed in staff a continuous pursuit of excellence in comprehensive first contact solutions.

Visible commitment to the maintenance of the system, the professional knowledge of eService staff and their friendly attitude to customers means that the customer contact quality management system functioning in the company has earned our respect. In eService, there is a clear willingness to monitor and improve indicators to ensure effective and satisfactory communication with customers. The staff responsible for improving the customer service model run even exceed the requirements of the standard by monitoring additional elements that are not required by the norm. The knowledge acquired in this way enables eService to propose a better and more thought-out strategy of service delivery – says SGS auditor Krzysztof Gawecki.

eService with a 40% market share of the electronic payment market is is a leading settlement agent in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s core business is the authorisation and settlement of payments made by all types of VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover and American Express cards made in Polish zlotys and in over 20 other currencies. Additionally, eService offers services such as topping up mobile phones, loyalty programs, gift cards, cash withdrawal and the company’s acceptance network includes more than 100,000 devices throughout the country. eService belongs to EVO Payments International and PKO Polish Bank.

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