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The Due Diligence System (DDS) certification service used for assessment and qualification of suppliers of biomass for energy purposes is aimed at all participants in the biomass supply chain that should develop and implement a DDS in order to ensure transparency related to origin of biomass for energy purposes along the whole supply chain and to make sure that such biomass is not obtained from high-grade wood.

An effectively implemented DDS enhances the procedure whereby certificates of origin are issued for electricity generated using biomass for energy purposes.

Verification of documentation showing the origin of biomass

The service is offered to all businesses and other bodies that collect evidence of origin of biomass as a precaution against a risk of producing biomass from high-grade wood. Documentation concerning the origin of biomass is audited in order to provide assurance and confirmation that it is maintained in line with relevant requirements and guidelines of President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

Site inspections of bioenergy plantations

If an electricity generator wants to classify a given type of biomass as a material of a non-forest origin (so called “agro biomass”), it should provide documentary evidence that this type of fuel is sourced from bioenergy plantations. Relevant site inspections are carried out to the order of owners of plantations or parties that buy this kind of biomass. Such site inspections confirm that a given biomass-producing plantation actually exists, and provide assurance that documentation of origin of biomass is maintained in line with relevant requirements and guidelines of President of the Energy Regulatory Office. As a result of the site inspection, a report is drawn up, including photographic documentation made with special equipment.

Audit of suppliers and production sites of biomass for energy purposes

Audits of suppliers and production sites of biomass are carried out for both domestic and imported biomass. The service comprises specifying the date of and carrying out the audit, followed by drawing up a report accompanied by its sworn translation into the Polish language (if the audit is carried out abroad). Audit reports undergo a technical review and then they are approved by SGS Polska Sp. z o.o. Owing to the global network of offices staffed with competent personnel, SGS is able to carry out audits in any country.

Product innovativeness

SGS is one of the first companies on the Polish market that prepared assumptions for the DDS and submitted them to the Energy Regulatory Office and consequently embarked on implementation of pilot projects in cooperation with representatives of electricity generators and their biomass suppliers, as well as producers of biomass for energy purposes. The information on pilot projects being underway and the conduct of generators received favourable opinion of President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

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