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How can you speed up the process of submitting T1 and T2 transit declarations?

Saving time is a priority for businesses within the transport and logistics sector. To be successful, a transit company must carry as much cargo in as little time as possible. This means that all processes – including loading and unloading, preparing and submitting documents, checking customs procedures and following procedures at the destination – must be performed swiftly and efficiently.

One of the processes that can take up valuable time is the submission of T1 and T2 transit declarations. To avoid increased costs, risk of non-compliance and further delays, it is imperative that declarations be submitted correctly.

As a result, more and more transit companies are searching for innovative approaches that can make the process of submitting declarations quicker and simpler.

Take control and save time by submitting electronic declarations

To meet the needs of transit companies who wish to speed up and simplify the process, SGS has developed TransitNet, a safe, multi-language online transit monitoring system. With TransitNet, you have total control over the submission of T1 and T2 declarations. You do not have to waste time looking for a broker, choosing between customs agencies or standing in queues waiting for your documents to be reviewed.

To use TransitNet, simply log on via your browser, and you will be led through the process step by step. TransitNet will check that mandatory data is entered and then submit the details to customs. You will receive an LRN number within minutes. Your driver can then travel directly to the customs office. Once customs gives its approval, transport can commence.

TransitNet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can use it whenever you need it. You can email us the necessary information, including required documents. With TransitNet, the process conforms to your schedule, not that of a broker or agency

You can submit declarations from 15 countries and make use of a multi-regime option. If you have a large financial guarantee, you can submit many declarations at once. Select clients can use a sensitive guarantee.

Benefits of TransitNet

  • TransitNet makes transmitting electronic transit declarations a quick, simple process
  • It is cheaper and faster, and has more useful functions than existing document-based procedures
  • As a web-based system, it requires no IT infrastructure, other than internet access
  • It ensures that all shipments are secured, no matter the cargo type or the amount of customs and tax guarantees

To learn how TransitNet can help to simplify the submission of transit declarations, contact us today.