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V-Bioss INiG certification from SGS – verify the origin of biomass used for energy and improve your marketability.

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If you supply biomass for energy purposes or produce energy from biomass, you want to assure potential business partners that your biomass comes from a sustainable source. V-Bioss INiG certification verifies the origin of biomass used for energy. Certification can help you to attract new business partners, minimize risk and improve your business’s marketability. We can make your path to certification as smooth as possible. 

Why choose V-Bioss INiG certification services from SGS?

The V-Bioss INiG system is supervised by Poland’s Oil and Gas Institute in Krakow. Its regulations are applicable globally and cover all types of biomass from forestry and agriculture that are used for energy purposes. It uses the mass balance system to verify every portion of biomass.

V-Bioss INiG rules state that certification is required throughout the entire energy supply chain, from the initial manufacturer to the final energy producer. This includes:

  • Places of production of waste and production residues
  • Primary wood producers
  • Cultivators of energy crops
  • Importers of biomass
  • First points of purchase for biomass
  • Producers of biomass fuel
  • Producers of bioliquids
  • Producers of biogas or agricultural biogas
  • Traders without biomass storage
  • Traders with biomass storage
  • Producers of electrical energy, heating and cooling

We will make obtaining V-Bioss INiG certification as quick and as simple as possible, and enable you to avoid any unnecessary costs. We will work with you through every stage of the certification process. Our audits are conducted by auditors with years of experience in biomass-related certifications. We have branches all over the world, so you can be certified either in Poland or abroad.

Unmatched expertise in biomass certification services

We have extensive experience in the energy sector and are pioneers in the development of systems for demonstrating biomass sustainability. Our auditing, verification and certification services allow you to demonstrate that your biofuels are sustainable, so you can meet renewable energy targets, encourage investment and take advantage of international markets.

Contact us today to learn how you can obtain a certificate of compliance with the V-Bioss INiG standard.